From Greek sunarchia, from sunarchein to rule jointly.

We are here as the divine feminine to rule together as fellow Queens. Respecting and honoring each other’s innate divinity and power.  This is the space where Co-Queens gather together and learn from one another, heal, elevate, give and receive, and above all are seen and heard.

Our Story 

Ama, Ava, Alice, & Lulu started this membership during the time of the pandemic seeing so much separation, so much isolation, so many women feeling alone.  

They desired to create a safe space where women could feel seen, heard, supported, and remember that we are in it together.  A bedrock principle of their practice is healing happens in commUINTY.  

They co created this space with the essence of the moon as their guiding symbol, a symbol of the circle, expressing every shape and size of woman, how she is both steadfast as well as continually evolving. 

That is the ROAR sacred circle space.  It is a safe space each woman can return to and it also offers innovation and evolution with new facilitators and fellow guides offering their wisdom.  In this space women always have a safe space to share, to be seen, and to be heard.