Root. Open. Align. Rise.

A Women's Collective to Nourish Your Mind, Heart, Body, & Soul.


The Space Where You Are...  


Seen. Safe. Sovereign. 




"In the ROAR community, I found the sisterhood I had been longing for throughout the pandemic. Weekly Kundalini yoga classes ground me into my body in a unique way, bi-weekly Relationship Alchemy conversations help me drop deeply into what's really coming up for me in relationship to others, and moon circles help me set intentions for the month ahead. Alice and Ama provide invaluable tools for my life- tools that allow me to be fully alive instead of just surviving. After 6 months of being a part of the ROAR community, I have felt more connected than ever before to Spirit, to myself, and to my sisters. Highly recommend it to anyone who is needing community and connection!"

Sam C.

"ROAR sisterhood has been my deepest, most joyful & authentic support network during these incredible times. Having sacred safe-space held by Alice & Ama is a very mystical experience. They both are such masterful guides, way-showers & healers. The depth of conversations that women doing “the work” worldwide are having here, that are so magnetic, for me. It’s an honor to witness + be witnessed by such an exquisite commUNITY of women. I am proud to witness & be witnessed by the women of ROAR as I breathe into my personal journey work, always feeling held in love. And alongside a commUNITY of exquisite women!! OhMyGoddess, Full YES!!! "

Sara M.

"ROAR has been a place of deep healing and learning in my life. Never before have I entered a container that has felt as safe and welcoming. The guides have a magical way about them that understands the deepest parts of you that need healing, nurturing, and loving. In the last year of my life, there have been fresh wounds that cut so deeply that I don’t know how I would have survived them without the offerings, love, and sisterhood available in this community. The passion that these women have is so deeply woven into everything that they do, its truly incredible to be a part of. "

Catie B.

"To say that the ROAR community changed my life is an understatement. I first joined ROAR in September 2020 and little did I know the journey I was embarking on. Not only do you meet some of the most incredible and kindest women in which you build deep connections with, each gathering is lead by the most powerful and beautiful souls with the purpose to truly heal and help you on your journey every step of the way. They lead the most powerful circles about relationships, inner child work, etc, that literally heal you and help you reach your highest level of self. ROAR also includes the most powerful & unique kundalini classes, where each class is tailored to its own theme, they are an actual gift for your body and mind. I truly believe ROAR is a magical community for all women to join as these sacred circles give the opportunity to share, cry, laugh, open up, without any judgement or fear, something that’s honestly rare to find these days. It has truly transformed me and many other women. I can’t even emphasize how grateful I am to be part of ROAR and continuously grow with so much of love and support throughout the whole journey. "

Dalia H.

"Oh my goodness, that was incredible!! Thank you so much! I had a major release and felt it literally come up through my body, and I releases it through a cry. Thank you for holding the space and bringing me through that journey. Magical!"

Katarina H.

 ROAR is a Women's Collective of Artfully Crafted Offerings, Retreats & Gatherings

Moon Ritual Workshops to connect you with the cycles and rhythms of life, and plug you into divine feminine commUNITY, Relationship Alchemy to help you navigate conscious connection in all relationships (starting with yourself) Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork to get you connected to the wisdom of body and soul and so much more!  



We are soul sisters who are wholeheartedly committed to the path of the divine feminine awakening.  We have found a safe haven in the power of sacred feminine commUNITY, and in transformational tools & practices that we share with you here.  Our deepest joy is to commune in this safe and sovereign circle with you.  

Together,  we can  Root, Open, Align, & Rise. Together we can R.O.A.R!!!